Personalized Labels

6 products

    6 products
    Etiquettes Personnalisées pour Harnais Chien Julius
    Julius label without Logo
    Étiquette de harnais Julius pour chiens
    2 Julius labels with 2 Logo on the Left
    Médaille Personnalisable Chien
    2 Julius labels with Right and Left Logo
    Étiquette Julius Personnalisable
    2 Julius labels + 1 Logo
    Étiquette Harnais Chien
    2 Julius labels with 2 logos on the Right
    Étiquette Pour Harnais Julius K9
    2 Julius labels with 1 Logo on the Right

    Embroidered labels are made using a professional embroidery machine to create designs and texts on the fabric patch. Embroidered labels are durable and water resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use.

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